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Horse Riding Lessons

Whether you are just starting out and have never ridden a horse before or are an experienced rider looking for higher level training we have both the coaches and horses to suit your needs.

Riding Skills Development

Stonewood is founded in a belief that a rider develops best when they are taught in an environment where they receive a great deal of personalized attention and the exercises can be customized to their skill development and goals. All of our instructors have a strong background both working in the industry as well as competing on the “A” circuit in the hunter and jumper divisions.

With a curriculum founded by the Nations Equestrian Federation, riders graduate through levels 1-10 acquiring new skills and stable management knowledge as they progress. Coaches ensure both parents and riders get regular feedback on progress and report cards are distributed twice a year to each student. Riders may also chose to participate in clinics, camp, horse shows, and official federation testing if they desire to.

Stonewood Riding Academy provides all levels of riders the opportunity to learn, grow and excel in a safe and fun environment.

Hunter / Jumper / Equitation Training

We specialize in the development of hunter/jumper riders who display strong equitation and a working knowledge of the care and training of the horses they are riding. Riders are taught how to groom, tack and untack, as well as bath their horses in addition to the proper care for their equipment.

Pricing for Horse Riding Lessons

Stonewood's group lessons run 12 months of the year, however, rates and lesson schedules change in July and August in order to accommodate students' summer vacation schedules. Since horseback riding is a skill that improves with “consistent time in the saddle” students will gain the most benefit by riding a minimum of once a week throughout the year. Many of our students invest in multiple lesson packages in order to gain more saddle time.

Horse Riding Lessons Learn to Ride Equestrian Riding Camps Academy Riding Lessons Horse Care Equestrian Coaching Stonewood Riding Academy

September to June:

Yearly Tuition Package    $242.95 ($215/month plus HST)

This package offers students a 10 month term, from September 1 to June 30 at a discounted rate. Students receive one group lesson per week and may miss up to 10 lessons at any time within this term.

  • A non‐refundable $100.00 (plus HST) administrative deposit must be paid upon sign up in order to hold a consistent weekly lesson spot. This fee will be deducted from the June tuition fee. Post‐dated checks or on line payment for the year is required.
  • The deposit fee will be adjusted to $150.00 (plus HST) for families with more than one person enrolling in tuition or students taking more than one lesson per week.
  • Students enrolled in the full 10 month term are eligible for up to 10 make‐up lessons which must be completed by the end of the term.
  • Students may enroll any time between September 1st and February 1st. The number of make‐up lessons will be adjusted according to the remaining number of months in the term.
  • First month's tuition will be pro‐rated for those who start in the middle of a particular month.
  • Students wishing to terminate enrollment at any time during the 10 month term will be refunded the remaining monthly payments (excluding the month of cancellation and the administrative deposit). Upon termination, make‐up lessons will be forfeited.

Monthly group lesson package    $271.20 ($240/month plus HST)

Students receive one group lesson per week for a term of one calendar month. Students may miss only one lesson during this term and will be eligible for one make‐up lesson; which must be completed by the end of the following month. Students wishing to re‐enroll for additional months may not be guaranteed the same weekly lesson spot.

Assessment lesson    $56.50 ($50 plus HST)

In order to assess new students with some riding experience we offer a 30 minute private assessment lesson. This lesson is used to determine a suitable group for each student. Students are asked to come in 30 minutes before their scheduled lesson to go over registration, barn orientation, grooming and tacking up procedures. Follow up with the office is required after this lesson in order to discuss enrollment and lesson scheduling options.

Half Hour Private Lessons    $73.45 ($65 plus HST)

One Hour Private Lessons $113.00 ($100 plus HST)

Private lessons have a 1:1 student/instructor ratio and are subject to availability. Private lessons are only offered students who are currently enrolled in either the yearly tuition or the monthly group lesson packages and are to be treated as an occasional addition to regular group lessons.

Horse Riding Lessons Learn to Ride Equestrian Riding Camps Academy Riding Lessons Horse Care Equestrian Coaching Stonewood Riding Academy

First Time Horseback Riders

Beginner packages are 8 – 10 week sessions that run periodically throughout the year and are offered to those with little to no riding experience.  Lessons are given once per week and are conducted in groups of 4-6 students.

Students are asked to arrive at the barn at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled lessons to learn how to groom and tack up their horses.  They are then given a one hour riding lesson and will stay 30 minutes afterwards to groom their horses and put away their tack and equipment.  This package is designed to prepare beginner students for entry into regular group lessons.

Stonewood will provide beginner students a riding helmet for the first few lessons but they will eventually be required to purchase their own.  Boots should have shallow or smooth treads and heels that are about 1.5cm high to prevent them from slipping through the stirrups.

Experienced Horseback Riders

New students with previous riding experience are asked to book an assessment with us!

The Assessment is a chance for us to determine a group level, determine what your goals are and offer riders a brief orientation of the facility and outline the lesson procedures.  During this time our friendly staff will give newcomers a barn tour, an overview of general procedures and go over rules and protocols.  Afterward, one of the Stonewood coaches will conduct a 30 minute riding session designed to assess your current ability level for entry into the program. Upon completion of the lesson your coach will sit with you to determine how you would like to proceed in either group, private or semi private sessions.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Horse Riding Lessons

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